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DreamCo Design is a wordpress website development company that has designed and developed hundreds of custom wordpress based websites. We've crafted unique themes, hand-coded powerful plugins, and have output some of the best looking and functioning wordpress websites out there.


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DreamCo Design has an (A+) rating with the BBB.

We Build Professional Websites Using Wordpress

wp bigDreamCo Design develops websites on a daily basis that take advantage of the content management power that wordpress has to offer. Our wordpress web design services are full scope, touching nearly every industry in some shape or form.

Sure we do small websites which are essentially just blogs but we also create sites which you could never guess they were built on the WP platform, providing you, the customer, with all of the benefits that come with having a website built using wordpress.

Our professional wordress web design solutions allow you to bring your website to life, regardless of size, style, or type; putting to work the content management abilities wordpress has to offer. Our wordpress web design services include:

  • » wordpress website design
  • » custom theme development
  • » custom plugin development
  • » speciality CMS additions
  • » additional WP security measures
  • » automatic updating
  • » full training demos for every site
  • » and more...

Our team was independently ranked one of the top 5 web design agencies in the United States mainly due to the volume and quality of our wordpress website development work. We've utilized wordpress for some of our celebrity clients, politicians, Grammy Award winners, and more. We hope we get an opportunity to do the same for your business.


Why We Utilize Wordpress

Wordpress and content management systems in general have come a long way. Just a few years ago, Wordpress was nothing more than a tool to build a blog. Today, Wordpress is probably the most widely used and supported CMS system on the market, and a great tool to not only build a blog atop of, but also a professional website. We use WP because of how universal it is. Our team can make a website look like whatever it needs to, all while having the CMS abilities often desired that Wordpress can provide. Functionality wise, using the plugin support that wordpress offers makes development easier, and therefore cheaper, for you, the end client who may desire tools such as gallery systems, contact forms, and so on.

While we are fully capable of utilizing virtually any CMS system out there, (and keeping in mind we've also made our own), Wordpress has become the CMS of choice for DreamCo Design.