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DreamCo Design is capable of developing simple websites as well as wildly complex website and app related projects which involve a lot of heavy development. We utilize HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript (jquery), and Ajax as our primary languages. Learn more below.


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DreamCo Design has an (A+) rating with the BBB.

We Speak Quite a Few Tongues

tech languages picWhen it comes to website development, our team is about as good as it gets. Working with DreamCo Design means you are leveraging a team of designers and developers that are capable of building just about anything.

Rather than you being stuck with limited options, our team approaches each and every project from a consulting perspective. We will help figure out what's best for your specific scenario and then develop a solution specifically for you.

That's the beauty of working with a company such as ourselves is there are virtually no limitations. We use the latest technology while also ensuring your entire audience is capable of viewing your website or app just fine via our beta testing and cross browser checks.


Does this Mean you Can't Work on my old ASP Website?

Well, yea, probably not as that isn't our cup of tea...

While we can certainly take your old database or website content and strip it down to make use of what we can, we will most likely not take on any existing website needing some patchwork here and there that was developed using .ASP or .NET. We do not employ experts in those languages. Sorry.