The Professional Web Design Process

we work hard to build great websites

In this modern era of business, having a professional website is more important now than ever before. Whether you are a small business, large company, or an entrepreneur with a great idea, the quality of your website will have major implications. A website can influence a company's sales, service, and reputation, often making it one of the highest items of importance in determining success.

This makes choosing your website partner ever so important. A professional website demands a professional process. Superior consulting, structured project management, talented development, and ROI driven marketing are all necessary in helping make a website successful.

With DreamCo Design you get all that and more. Explore how our process unfolds by viewing the steps below or contact us today.


Your project is discussed, refined, perfected, and purchased.

website consultation

Our consulting team will work with you during this phase to figure out your website likes, dislikes, goals, and so on. Rather than just shoving you into some type of pre-structured solution, our team works towards building a successful plan engineered just for your business. A detailed proposal ultimately gets drafted which fully documents everything the website is to include as it becomes the working document for the entire website's construction.


We proactively explain the process and then address the content needs.

website content

Now that the website's written architecture has been finalized in proposal format, our project management team takes over. Your project manager will explain all of these steps to you and work with you on the content requirements for the project. Things like domain name information, your logo, photos, and text for the various pages are all handled at this stage of the project. Our team also assists our clients with professional content development when needed.


Your website is professionally designed and developed.

website development

Depending on the size and involvement of the project, this step varies a bit. Larger websites as well as websites requiring a bit more attention to detail first go through a mockup phase. Mockups are flat image versions of some pages for the site, such as the main page and other important pages. Once the design is approved we move on with the actual development. In other cases, our team steams ahead, tackling design and development all at once.

Beta Testing

Your website is then fully reviewed and tested.

website beta testing

Beta testing for us means quite a few things. First and foremost, our team reviews the entire website as compared to the signed proposal (or project plan) to ensure it is fully complete as per the agreement. If it is, the site is then checked in all the updated versions of major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome to ensure consistency. Bugs, if found, are also corrected prior to this phase being completed.


Your website is essentially complete and is ready for your review.

website revisions

At this stange, the website should be totally complete, pending any revisions. Often times there are a few tweaks here and there which are needed and that is what our revisions phase is for. Should there be any remaining content that is missing we collect and implement it into the website during the revisions phase while also tackling any minor cosmetic concerns you may have. During the revision cycle, we also demo any features the site has so you know how to use it.


We optimize your website and prepare it for further marketing.

website optimization

Every website we develop goes through a search engine optimization review prior to it being pushed live. Marketing a website correctly is just as important as having one built if you are serious about being successful online and it all starts with a good SEO plan. Our team gets you started in the right direction by taking care of your title tags, description tags, meta-keywords, alt-tags, sitemaps, and a few other preliminary items that help you get found.

Site Launch

Your site is backed up and launched live.

website launch process

At this final stage in the development cycle we make a full backup of the website and then launch the website live. Once launched, we check to make sure everything was moved over correctly and then begin working with you on the marketing end to help promote the website. One of our marketing consultants will begin communicating with you to explain your options as it relates to various marketing opportunities you will have with promoting the website.