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Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get from hotels and resorts as it relates to our professional hotel web design solutions.

How much does it typically cost to setup a professional site for my hotel or resort?

Most hotel websites end up between $2,000 and $10,000 but it could be more, or less. The pricing ultimately comes down to how big and how difficult the website ends up being. The more involved a project is, the larger an investment it typically ends up requiring. There is a big difference between setting up a beautiful looking informational website as compared to a very large website for a resort that is packed with a lot of functionality.

How long will it take for the new website to get built?

Like pricing, it can vary. Larger projects take longer to develop. It could be a couple of weeks or it could be a few months. It just depends. We work on time sensitive projects and can always help you out as needed as it relates to how long things will take. Keep in mind that you also typically have some influence on how long it takes for everything to come together. For example, if you have your own pictures, text, and logo you need to get to us for the site and if you delay on it, things could take longer.

Does DreamCo Design work with larger resorts?

Yes. We have worked with nationally recognized hotel brands as well as large resorts. Because DreamCo Design approaches each and every situation on a case by case basis, we are able to work with small hotel locations as well as larger resorts.

What will my website end up looking like?

The design of the site has endless possibilities. If you already have specific design ideas in mind, that's great. If you need some help establishing the branding, look, and feel, we can help you with that too. Since every professional hotel web design solution we put together is custom, you have an infinite amount of options as it relates to your design. As part of our process we work with you to figure out likes, dislikes, existing color schemes, goals, and so on, helping us put together the pieces that will end up shaping the design. Our proposals fully describe the look and feel the website will have and you will also see screen shots and such to help make the look and feel crystal clear, even before we begin developing.

If I get my website from you do I own it?

Yes. The website we build is built just for you. It is yours to do whatever you want with.

What areas do you develop hotel web design solutions for?

We service the entire country and some other places outside the US. The beauty of the internet is that as long as you have an internet connection we can help you. Hotel business owners from all over have had successful hotel web design solutions through DreamCo Design.

Will my hotel website work on phones and tablets?

All of the websites we develop for hotels are mobile friendly. This means your website will show up and work just fine on a smartphone or tablet. Part of our hotel web design process involves testing the website in all the major browsers, as well as mobile devices. In certain situations we even develop mobile websites for hotels or responsive sites so that all of the material is there and reacts to display specifically on the device it is being viewed from.

Does DreamCo Design optimize hotel websites?

DreamCo Design offers SEO as part of any site we develop without any additional charges necessary. Though we have quite a bit of marketing options to share with you once the site is done, we take care of all the initial optimization once the site is built.

Can you use my existing booking software so that people can book online?

In almost all cases, the answer to that question is yes. DreamCo Design can develop a booking solution from the ground up for you which you can use at your front desk and online and we can also integrate online solutions to work alongside any setup you may already have. It just depends on some of the specifics. Our consultants will help you figure it all out.

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