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When choosing a company to develop your contractor website there are some important aspects you want to consider. DreamCo Design has put together a list of tips and general advice while you contemplate the development of your website.

1. Remember that Your Website is an Investment
Far too often contractors look at their website as an expense. A website isn't a website any more than a house is a house. These days, having a professional contractor web design solution in place can be the difference maker in being successful. A website is the modern day storefront. It showcases your professionalism, helps with customer service, and is your primary marketing tool in obtaining new leads online. Make sure you understand how important a website is and do not go in thinking all websites are created equal.

2. Review the Competition
Almost all of the successful contruction companies out there have one thing in common; a quality website. Make sure you spend time learning about who else is out there that is operating as your competition. Check out their websites. Write down your likes and dislikes. In the end, the site we develop for you needs to be as good or better then them. Knowing what you are up against is always a good thing.

3. Understand the Importance of Quality Content
Bad pictures and poorly written text can lead to website's that don't look that great at all. DreamCo Design can help you with your content as we offer professional writing services and can also assist you with obtaining high quality stock photos. It is always best to provide us with your own text and pictures so consider having some done professionally. At the very least, take some time when snapping your pictures that way you can provide us with some good shots that are ready for our designers to edit and enhance.

4. Recognize that You Need to Market Your Website
Having a great website built is just the beginning. Once it is made you need to have it marketed if you are trying to use the website to capture new leads. How else are people going to find it? Our team can help you with social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, ongoing search engine optimization, and other marketing services for contractors to help you get the very most from your website.

5. Showcase your Domain Name
Almost all contractors and construction companies have commercial vehicles, yard-signs, and other forms of branding. All of this should be covered with your domain name. Today, in most scenarios, people would much rather review your work online and learn more about your services through your website as compared to picking up the phone to chat about it. While our contractor web design solutions offer a great deal online, there are things offline as well that you need to follow through on like this to properly market your website.

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