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DreamCo Design LLC is a professional web design, app development, and marketing company that has been helping a a wide variety of businesses and organizations maximize their digital potential since 2006.

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Our corporate office is located just outside of Chicago in historic downtown Elgin. While the majority of our national and international client interaction is handled by phone and email, we welcome face to face meetings whenever possible.



Our mission is to consult, design, develop, and market professional websites and apps for our clients. We focus on delivering solutions rather than products, as we understand the importance of a brand needing to look great, function well, and be poised for scalability.


Our team is committed to delivering outstanding customer service at all times. We do this by using our best judgement in all situations, listening to our clients, offering a fair and honest product, and always being open to refinement in our systems and processes.


  • • If you're going to do something, you should do it the right way.
  • • Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.
  • • People generally get what they pay for.
  • • Fly-by-night build-it-yourself websites and poorly built apps are doomed for failure.
  • • If you build it, they will come no longer applies.
  • • Google is the hand that feeds you, and you probably shouldn't bite it.
  • • Tech is an evolve-or-die progression hyper-focused on efficiency.
  • • Things need to be attractive and compelling to capture attention.


DreamCo design strives to be a freedom with responsibility focused company. Our work methodology is governed by systems and processes that we scrutinize, refine, and practice to ensure we remain organized as a team. Our work requires that each individual does their job, making weak links obvious so that we can learn from our mistakes and work better as a unified team.

We promote positive lifestyles, personal accomplishment, and upward mobility. We subscribe to the premise that the best ideas should win out, people learn mostly from experience, and being open to the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of our peers makes us not just better co-workers, but better people.